About Interact Recruit and Campus IT

Who are we?

We are a specialist team within CampusIT that are passionate about getting the right students. We love making the process as good as the best eCommerce and Social online experiences. We feel that a student should be treated as special as any premium purchase customer and your toolset should enable this.

Where are we based?

We are based in Dublin, Ireland, and serve customers throughout Ireland and the UK…..mostly the UK as it happens.

Is this all we do?

No, not at all….the core of our business is providing a complete A-Z solution for student management but this Recruit Partnership different – it’s specific to the needs of those responsible for recruiting students.

Why are we here?

We created this partnership after working with our education clients for over 15 years. We recognised that the ‘business’ of recruiting students was changing radically and that those responsible for recruitment need a specific ‘Google/Amazon/CRMesque’ toolset. We believe that your applicants expect the customer service, and order processing that comes from Amazon. We understand that your staff need a dashboard as good as Google Analytics to see how they are doing with filling their courses with the best students.

We previously had these tools available to our larger clients as part of the A-Z solution but now they are also available to institutions which have a different student information system (eg Banner, SITS, Peoplesoft, Agresso…).

We believe that bringing our business experience, technology and partnership interests offer institutions a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

How many are we?

We have over 40 staff who work solely in the education sector. We have a dedicated helpdesk, client services, sales, product developers and business developers. We also have staff full time in the UK helping clients on-site to improve their customer student experience.

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