Interact Recruit Tour

  • Get the Edge on Getting the Students You Want

    You know you’re losing desirable, qualified students to other institutions that respond faster. Interact steps in to manage all the details of each student’s application, from first contact to making an offer through acceptance, integrating at every step with your processes and admission rules. We simplify student interactions and streamline your decision workflow so you can make offers faster and keep students and staff up to date with professional, automated communications.

  • Offer Smarter Applications

    Interact gives you finite control of each online application with our smart and simple interactive form builder. You can tailor forms by department or by course, change them on the fly, and open and close them at will. Applicants can start them now and complete them whenever they’re ready, with all data saved just as they left it. And when each application is complete, it instantly goes to exactly the people who need to action it next in your admissions workflow.

  • Unleash Collaborative Workflow

    Interact significantly improves collaboration among reviewers, vastly improving efficiency and accountability. All the information needed to process an application is immediately available to the staff required at each step, increasing the speed and quality of decisions. Interact’s comprehensive analytics dashboard tracks all application details, associated information, status changes and approvals, with intelligent, customiseable administrative reporting.

  • Give Your Applicants a Great Brand Experience

    Interact is fully branded and completely integrated with your website, delivering a first class user experience. It modernises interactions with students, enabling them to complete their application more quickly and easily, and to see the status of that application online on demand. Status update emails are automated, timely and customised to each applicant at every stage, resulting in consistent, professional communications to support your brand.

  • Improve Your Applicant Conversion Rate

    Adopting Interact means your institution can make faster offers to the students you want the most, improving both the academic quality of student candidates and the mix of higher revenue applicants. Interact smoothly and rapidly moves candidates from application to commitment to enrol, increasing productivity, service to applicants, and most crucially, your applicant conversion rate.

  • No Cost and Easy to Deploy

    Best of all, with Interact there’s no software to buy, install or maintain and no requirement for expensive IT resources or programming. Interact’s secure, hosted solution simply reduces the cost and effort to process applications while delivering better offers to better applicants. Try it yourself and see how easy it is to dramatically improve your institution’s application process and conversions.