Interact Features

Students demand a lot from higher education. They expect top calibre courses and faculty, of course. They also expect their interactions from application to acceptance and enrolment to be easy, seamless and on-line. Interact Recruit automates and speeds student applications, enabling institutions to attract and enrol the students they want with faster, better admission decisions. Interact delivers:

  • Keep users on your branded web pages – increase conversion
  • Better application forms – happier applicants and academics
  • Better communications – email and SMS keep applicants engaged
  • Faster offer processing –  happier admissions and increase conversion
  • Online offer acceptance and deposit payment function – increase conversion, reduce workload
  • Ability to analyse and optimise – continuous experience improvement
And best off all, Interact Recruit is free, requires no technical resources and is designed to be used by business owners. It’s easy, it’s cost effective, and it means better applicants enrolled faster.

Seamless Integration

Interact integrates into any website with seamless branding to match your existing online course catalogue. Clean, clear call-to-action buttons prompt the application process, which takes place entirely under your own brand. This streamlines the applicant conversion funnel and removes the risk of asking your applicants to print a paper application, having to find the course again, or worse, sending them away to a generic application service.

Once in place on your website, Interact gives you full integration control, including:

  • Course page Apply buttons installed on your website
  • Branded application forms
  • Schedule the Apply feature to appear and disappear per course by date
  • Turn the Apply feature on and off at will to open and close applications instantly
  • Fully controlled end to end process without reliance on PAC or UKPASS
  • Simple interface requiring no IT background
  • No technical resources required.

All of this takes place with a simple one day installation handled by our experts. This means no work for you or your IT team; no hassle, it just works!

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Smarter Applications

We know applicants convert at a higher rate when they are asked relevant questions and only the required questions. Your application forms are custom designed with easy to use drag and drop widgets. Using this simple interface, and working closely with academics, we setup application forms that are easy to finish and aid fast offers:

  • No generic forms
  • Course-specific applications that ask relevant course questions
  • Course-specific and form-specific contextual instructions
  • Document uploading
  • Save and return for incomplete applications
  • Scheduled email reminders sent to incomplete applicants
  • Form design and data collection for statutorily required HESA and UKBA reporting

Each widget has been designed specifically for Higher Education and removes the need for in-depth understanding of external system such as HESA, UKBA , payments systems, or postcode look-up.

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Collaborative Workflow

It takes input from multiple departments to turn an application into an offer. Interact centralises all of these contributors in one streamlined, collaborative working environment. With one unified web-based application, Interact delivers:

  • Access from anywhere via an internet connection
  • Flexible and full-featured workflow custom built for your statuses and business processes,
  • Management and tracking of applications from submission and validation through interview requests, outcomes and offers
  • Status reporting at every stage to trigger tasks and actions
  • Comprehensive reporting on applicant metrics and workflow management.
  • Finite, trackable control over individual staff access and ability at every phase
  • No technical resources required

Interact stages your complete application administration process, allowing different people to login at different stages to contribute their input and move applications along towards offers. The beauty of this workflow is that it is not set in concrete and is fully editable to meet the demand of your institution.

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Customer Experience and Brand Engagement

Interact delivers a completely customised, brand-driven application flow from end to end, communicating the right message at the right time and answering the question that’s on every applicant’s mind: “What happens next?”

At every step of the application process, from enquiry to application submitted to interview request to further information and offer, Interact puts you in control of your marketing communication, from look and feel right down to copy and delivery timing.

  • Brand all application pages
  • Customise and tailor messaging and instructions for all forms
  • Customise messaging and instructions on a per course basis
  • Design and personalise content and branding for system messages, email and SMS communications
  • Automate immediate and personal response emails for enquiries, applications and more
  • Control which groups of staff have the scope to make changes at every step of the workflow

Interact gives you master control over the complete communications of your institution’s application process, from overall look and feel right down to per-course forms and emails. All of your application pages and communications are fully branded, all within our 24hr setup time. And if you decide you want to edit the branding, you have full access and control of this too. Interact’s integrated online editor allows you to insert images and hyperlinks, set subject lines and from addresses, insert automated personalised fields and more to deliver applications and communications that are both perfectly branded and relevant to each applicant and their specific course.

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Better Student Offers

Our service reminds students that they matter to your university. Using Interact Recruit, admissions can increase conversion rates by as much as 40%. Interact Recruit delivers a better process, faster offers and optimal conversion of better qualified students through:

  • Faster delivery of offers
  • SMS notification of offers
  • Online offer acceptance
  • Offer acceptance payment handling

All of this comes together to result in better offers – not just for students, but for your institution. Faster offers combined with immediate online acceptance means Interact universities get first pick of the most qualified candidates, before students have accepted other offers. Institutions adopting Interact Recruit not only issue faster student offers, they also make offers to better students.

To learn more about how Interact impacts your bottom line conversion rates, please see our most recent Case Study.

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Revenue Share Pricing Model

Interact’s pricing is transparent and flexible, so it’s responsive to your institution’s business needs. We charge a flat fee per application and manage all electronic payment processing and reporting. This leaves wide scope for every institution to choose the payment model that works best with their unique business needs:

  • Charge no application fee and simply pay Interact for the service
  • Charge students a nominal application fee per application to cover your costs
  • Adopt the increasingly popular model of charging anywhere from £20 to £150 per applicant to generate revenue you can re-invest in your marketing budget.

Interact’s revenue share pricing also means it’s easy for institutions to adopt, with no procurement process, no annual budget constraints and no budget line item for IT overheads or maintenance. Application fees pay for 100% of the development, operation and ongoing enhancement of the service. We work with your admissions office and academics to design and tailor the application process that works best of your institution. Interact is then setup and installed on your website absolutely free of charge because it’s in our interest to get you more applicants and enable you to process them faster.

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