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5 Ways Empowering Your Business Users Will Improve Your Student Recruitment

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I was recently at a demo and the other party asked:

“How does empowering our admissions folk improve our student recruitmement efforts?”

This got me thinking that perhaps most Higher Ed people aren’t aware of the ease of setup that Interact-Recruit offers.



1. Allow the admissions team to display and remove the application forms directly from your website.

We install a snip of code onto your course webpage which, if open for application, turns on the ‘Apply Online’ button. From within the app the business user can close a course for application if it is full or has passed the closing date – no more requests to your busy IT department!




2. Allow the admission team to easily setup and edit forms.

We allow admissions officers to add or remove questions that would affect the speed your offer making decisions – but only if you have the correct permission!




3. Allow admissions teams to see their current data so they cam monitor, share workload and identify bottlenecks.

The KPI metrics we show users allows them to make ‘live’ informed decisions throughout the business.




4. Communicate in bulk via text or email.

We allow users to easily take a slice of the application/enquiry data and communicate via text or email.

Notify them of upcomming events, remind them about interviews, or even prompt them to accept their offer online.




5. Allow business users re-configure workflows and the related communication templates.

We create specific workflows for each Interaction (enquiry, application, online acceptance) and can even create course specific workflows within these Interactions!

Workflows can be simplified, or expanded on, as the University’s needs change over time.

Communication can be setup against every step of the workflow so that your applicants know what is going to happen next – further reducing ‘non value added’ queries to admissions teams.

If you would like to understand more about how our student recruitment partnership works just get in touch by leaving a comment or calling our office.

Derek Traynor.

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